Recipe – Chickpea and potato curry

This is a nice, classic vegetarian curry that can be put together quickly, as long as you have the spices in stock in your kitchen cupboard. Sarah says, “I keep the red chilli whole in order to provide a mild ‘heat’. It’s easy to remove once... Read more

Eastern Philosophy & Western Art

In Phillippa Plock, Leeds Buddhist Centre has an Art History expert in its midsts! In this article she explores two books that have had a positive impact on her Dharma practice. For keen eyes that regularly scan the library shelves, you may have noticed recently the... Read more

Opening up to the Light…

Jenny Roberts writes: Along with Samanartha, Khemasara, and Penny, I’ve just returned from an intensive meditation retreat at Vajraloka, led by Tejananda. Those who know the venue and the teacher won’t be surprised at the revelation that this was a very... Read more