Join us for Buddha Day (Wesak)

Monday 4th May (Bank Holiday) Wesak Festival Join us on this Bank Holiday Monday for the annual celebration of the Buddha’s Awakening. There will be afternoon activities, a shared meal, followed by a special puja. You are welcome to stay for all or just part of the programme.   4.00pm to 5.30pm – Meditation, storytelling and suttas 5.30pm to 6.30pm – Meal: please bring veggie food to share 6.30pm to 7.30pm – Talk and meditation 7.30pm to 8.00pm – Tea break 8.00pm to 9.00pm (approx) – Puja Everyone is welcome! Please bring food to share and offerings for the... Read more

Weekend Retreat with Tejananda

Exploring the Three Bodies A non-residential weekend retreat with Tejananda at Leeds Buddhist Centre, Sat 2nd & Sun 3rd May – 10:00 – 16:00 Suitable for regular, experienced meditators In this workshop we’ll be exploring the real nature of the body & embodiment. Usually we think ‘we’ are walking around in a body of flesh and that the world is ‘out there’. But is this how things actually are? By looking at our actual experience in a directed and inquisitive and playful way, we can begin to discover what’s really going on: right here we have access to the ‘pure relative truth’ of the body which reflects the Three Bodies of the Buddha – the Trikaya. These three dimensions of experience are the apparent body, what we take to be our ‘ordinary body’, the subtle ‘energy’ body and the body of ‘space’ and ‘awareness’. These are ways of talking about our actual experience right now, once we notice what is really going on! N.B.The weekend could be quite challenging of our preconceptions and will centre around ‘spiritual death’ practices, so is suitable for regular meditators with a good basis in integration and positive emotion and an understanding of the fundamental principles of the Dharma Please bring veggie lunch to share on both days Numbers are limited so please book a place on the form which is on the Centre noticeboard. Alternatively you can email (please say if you can only attend on one day – and which day) If the retreat is oversubscribed, priority will be given to those booking for both days. COST: There is no charge for... Read more