Leeds Buddhist Centre Events are now in full swing again!

Newcomers’ Night – Tuesday Evenings 7.00 to 9.15pm Finding a better way to live our lives with meditation and Buddhism. Over the course of the next ten weeks we’ll be exploring the Buddha’s Threefold Path of Meditation, Ethics and Truth. This week we’ll be learning how to meditate using the breath as an anchor and looking at some of the mental distractions that can get in the way. Everyone – new or experienced – is welcome Younger Sangha Evening – This Friday 22nd Jan from 7.00 to 9.15pm If you are aged between 18 and 39 and are familiar with the Mindfulness of Breathing and Metta Bhavana (Loving-Kindness) Meditations then you are very welcome to join us. (From February this event will be held on the first and third Fridays of each month) A UNIQUE opportunity to take participate in a LEEDS SANGHA PUJA  on Friday 29th January 7.00pm to 8.30pm Led by Sagarabala. Please arrive promptly. Doors open from 6.30pm This puja is based on the format of the traditional 7 fold puja but each section has been rewritten in their own words by members of your sangha. It is a very moving experience to hear how each of them expresses their connection with the puja. A puja is a ritual expressed in poetic language which we speak in call and response . It will include chanted mantras, this is the only part which is not in English and an opportunity to make offerings to the shrine if you wish. The evening will begin with a short explanatory talk , followed by an opportunity to learn/practice the mantras. Then there will be a... Read more

The Centre is OPEN again! 

It’s taken a while but today our electricity supplier finally installed a brand new meter in the once-flooded cellar of Leeds Bridge House and our good friend, mitra and super-electrician Andrew Nightingale broke off what he was doing and, accompanied only by Jenny Roberts and a torch, descended into the depths of the earth to give the electrical system its required safety check before switching the lights back on. Thank you for all your patience. Now let the New Year begin! All classes are happening again from Sunday onwards This includes our very special drop-in evening for everyone interested in learning Meditation and Buddhism. If that is you, then read on…   A New Year, a New Start  The New Year can be a time of longing: for something that is missing in our lives; for a contentment that evades us; a wish perhaps, to feel more peaceful and complete.  Lots of people are changing their lives through meditation and mindfulness. If you would like to learn to meditate, or refresh your current or previous practise then come along and Join us next Tuesday 12th January at our Newcomers’ Drop-in Class from 7.00 pm (prompt please) until 9.15 pm. And every Tuesday evening for eleven weeks. Join us whenever you wish. (The programme repeats itself again in Spring/Summer and Autumn) In January: we’ll be exploring ways to calm our busy minds with meditation and looking at how we can be kinder to ourselves and others through a meditation practice which cultivates loving kindness. Both practices are a way of interacting with the world in a more contented and rewarding way. In February: we’ll be looking at Buddhist ethics and... Read more

Centre remains CLOSED for the present

We are sorry to tell you that we are still having problems at Leeds Bridge House. The lighting and heating are now working on the first three floors but the power supply to the fourth floor has been turned off because the meter was condemned as unsafe by Northern Power Grid, due to flooding, and power cannot be restored until a new meter is fitted. Our electricity suppliers, Good Energy, now have this in hand and we are waiting for a call from them to fix a day and time for installation. This means that it isn’t possible to set a firm date for the re-opening of the centre yet but every effort is being made to make this happen as soon as possible. There will be another bulletin on Friday evening regarding Sunday Meditation and study and classes at the start of next week.Please watch your inbox, our Facebook page  or the website news section from Friday teatime onwards for another update. Just to be clear: No Friend’s Night tomorrow 7th January No Younger Sangha Night on Friday 8th January We know that lots of you are missing the centre after such a long break. Thank you for your patience. We will get back to normal as soon as... Read more

The Centre is CLOSED for the present* due to flooding problems

The basement at Bridge House was flooded over the holidays and the electric supply and the heating was damaged. Currently we do have an electric supply to the centre itself but there is no lighting on the stairwell or in the toilets and the lift is out of action. The heating isn’t working either so the building is very cold indeed. As a consequence – and from both a comfort and safety perspective – the trustees feel that the centre is not in a safe or usable state and all classes at the start of next week are cancelled. *The Landlord is hopeful that all utilities will be restored by Wednesday teatime and, provided that this is possible, Friends’ Night will happen as normal on Thursday evening. However, uncertainty remains, so please watch your inbox, our Facebook page  or the website news section from Wednesday teatime onwards for another update. Just to be clear: No morning meditation on Sunday 3rd January No teatime drop-in meditation or study on Monday 4th January No newcomers’ class on Tuesday 5th January No lunchtime meditation on Wednesday 6th January There MAY be a Friends’ Night on Thursday 7th January, and a Younger Sangha Night on Friday 8th January but please await a further update for confirmation. Please bear with us (and samsara!) while we get the centre back to normal. In the meantime wishing everyone a very happy, peaceful and fruitful New... Read more