The Centre is OPEN again! 

It’s taken a while but today our electricity supplier finally installed a brand new meter in the once-flooded cellar of Leeds Bridge House and our good friend, mitra and super-electrician Andrew Nightingale broke off what he was doing and, accompanied only by Jenny Roberts and a torch, descended into the depths of the earth to give the electrical system its required safety check before switching the lights back on. Thank you for all your patience. Now let the New Year begin! All classes are happening again from Sunday onwards This includes our very special drop-in evening for everyone interested in learning Meditation and Buddhism. If that is you, then read on…   A New Year, a New Start  The New Year can be a time of longing: for something that is missing in our lives; for a contentment that evades us; a wish perhaps, to feel more peaceful and complete.  Lots of people are changing their lives through meditation and mindfulness. If you would like to learn to meditate, or refresh your current or previous practise then come along and Join us next Tuesday 12th January at our Newcomers’ Drop-in Class from 7.00 pm (prompt please) until 9.15 pm. And every Tuesday evening for eleven weeks. Join us whenever you wish. (The programme repeats itself again in Spring/Summer and Autumn) In January: we’ll be exploring ways to calm our busy minds with meditation and looking at how we can be kinder to ourselves and others through a meditation practice which cultivates loving kindness. Both practices are a way of interacting with the world in a more contented and rewarding way. In February: we’ll be looking at Buddhist ethics and... Read more