newcomers’ classes begin again on 6th September

an introduction to meditation and buddhism Every Tuesday Evening for 12 weeks from Tuesday 6th September Starts at 7.00 p.m. Finishes 9.15 p.m.   For the first four weeks we will be taking a look at, and becoming familiar with, our two main meditation practices. We will be exploring mindfulness through following the breath and looking at how to cultivate loving-kindness to ourselves and other people with a meditation practice called the Metta Bhavana This is a drop in event and no previous experience of Buddhist meditation is required. If you have already learnt to meditate this is also an opportunity to deepen and build a regular practice and connect with other people. Each evening will consist of a guided meditation and an introduction and exploration of the Buddha’s teachings and their relevance to our lives. You are welcome to attend whenever you can, for as many weeks or months as you like. This is a rolling programme so if you miss some weeks you will be able to catch up on what was covered at another time. over 12 weeks we will be exploring the following areas: Meditation and mindfulness Introducing our four main meditation practices. Mindfulness of the body and its senses, the Mindfulness of breathing, the cultivation of kindly awareness (metta) and just sitting. We will also explore mindfulness in our everyday lives. Buddhist practice in the world (ethics and action ) Exploring what we value and care about. How can we strengthen our connection with these values and express them in our lives and actions? The Buddha and his teachings ( Dharma) Who was the Buddha? What did he have to say... Read more

Welcome back Padmasagara

Join us on this Thursday evening, 4th August, to welcome Padmasagara back to Leeds after his 16-week ordination retreat in Spain. Padmasagara has now joined the Triratna Buddhist Order, his name means Ocean of Lotuses. Triratna is a non-monastic Order – members of the Order are not monks or nuns, and take the title Dharmachari (Dharmacharini  for women), which means Dharma-farer, and are committed to living their lives in accordance with the Buddha’s teaching (the Dharma). Padmasagara will give a talk during the class. It’s an opportunity to welcome him back and to hear a bit about his retreat. Everybody welcome. Please arrive before... Read more