newcomers’ classes in YORK

from Wednesday 15th November learning about meditation and buddhism Every Wednesday Evening –  at The Clementhorpe Room, Priory Street Centre, 15 Priory Street, York, YO1 6ET Starts at 7.00 p.m. Finishes 9.15 p.m. Our friendly new classes begin on Wednesday 15th November and up until the New Year we will be exploring and teaching two Buddhist meditation practices. In the Mindfulness of Breathing we will learn to focus on the breath and our bodies as an aid to relaxing and calming our busy minds. In the Metta Bhavana we will be learning how to cultivate loving-kindness and a friendly attitude to ourselves and other people. Both practices help us to develop as individuals and to engage with the world in a calmer and more accepting way. There will also be an opportunity to discuss aspects of Buddhism and to learn how practising the Buddha’s teaching can help us to live a happier and more fulfilled life in the modern world. The York Buddhist Group is part of the Leeds Buddhist Centre – a member of the Triratna Community and Order. We are a new tradition, drawing from different Buddhist traditions and presenting the Buddha’s teachings in a way that is more accessible to many of us in the west. This is a drop in event. No previous experience of  meditation is required. If you already meditate this is an opportunity to deepen and build a regular practice and connect with other people. You are welcome to attend whenever you can, for as many weeks or months as you like. You do not need to commit to every week although regular attendance would be beneficial. Cost: There is no charge; we provide these classes as a practice of generosity (dana). However... Read more

Saturday morning class

Sailing the Worldly Winds A Practical Introduction to the Buddhist Path Every Saturday Morning until 16th December From 10.30 am to 12.45 pm This is a drop-in course and you can join at any time Have you noticed how our lives seem to be blown off-course from time to time – sometimes in big ways sometimes in lots of small ways? Sometimes it can seem so hard to find lasting stability, peace and contentment (especially in today’s troubled, fast-moving world) During these eight weeks we are exploring the Buddha’s teaching on the Worldly Winds and our natural wish to try and make our lives work in positive ways. Through talks, workshops, discussion and meditation, we’ll be looking at the benefits of his very practical approach to cultivating a more peaceful, happy and rewarding life for ourselves and those around us. Everyone is welcome whether a complete beginner or an experienced practitioner. Cost: These classes are run on a ‘dana’ or generosity basis. So they are offered to everyone without charge and everyone is welcome regardless of means. However our Centre has no outside income and relies on the generosity of those who use it. so, if you can, please help to make these classes available to everyone in the future by donating what you can on the day or by taking out a regular standing order to support the... Read more

Mitra ceremony

Thursday 19th October, 7.00pm to 9.15pm At Leeds Buddhist Centre Join us as we witness three friends who are making a commitment to practising the Dharma within our spiritual community. This involves a commitment to Buddhism, to practising the Buddhist path as taught within our tradition, and to the Triratna Buddhist Community as the main context for their practice. Everybody... Read more

Newcomers’ class

 Life with full attention Tuesday Evening Starts at 7.00 p.m. Finishes 9.15 p.m.   New program commences Tuesday 12th September Join us for an 8-week exploration of mindfulness for people exploring Buddhism. It’s based on the book by Maitreyabandhu, Life with Full Attention. On the course we’ll explore different aspects of mindfulness such as awareness of the body, feelings, thoughts, and the environment using different practices. The course is suitable for newcomers and for people already practising Buddhism or mindfulness. You are welcome to come whenever you can. You will gain more, the more classes you come to. Cost: These classes are run on a drop-in basis and there is no charge. However the centre relies on the generosity of the people who use it. If you can, please help us to make mindfulness, meditation and Buddhism available to everyone by putting a donation in the dana bowl or by taking out a regular standing order to support the centre. Booking: No need to book – just turn up on the evening by 7.00... Read more