Friends’ Night

Thursdays 7pm – 9.15pm, 18 January to 22 February Six weeks exploring themes from the Alavaka sutta, where the Buddha meets the Demon Alavaka who is the owner of one of the most powerful weapons in the universe. Upon his weapon and coercion failing, Alavaka hopes to confound the Buddha with some tricky questions. Come and explore some of the Buddha’s profound answers. Week 1.  Shakyamuni meets the demon and battles with Alavaka.  An evening exploring the importance of not losing touch with our inspiration and values. Week 2.  Who sits on the throne?  The Buddha, Alavaka or the King?   How do we bring all of ourselves into the Dharma? Week 3.   Crossing the flood.  A question of sraddha (faith)?   If we don’t build conviction we set off in a leaky boat! Week 4.   Crossing the ocean of samsara.  The importance for mindfulness in our practice. Week 5.   How do we overcome suffering and stress?  Creating a harmonious mind. Exploring the hindrances and their antidotes. Week 6.  How are we purified? A puja invoking Vajrasattava. Who sees that we are fundamentally pure and have always been so.   Open to everyone who has learnt our two main meditation practices, this class offers a chance to meditate with others, receive ideas and share ways of deepening our understanding and practice of meditation and... Read more