Introduction to Buddhism Course – 6 Saturday Mornings from 14th April

  On these Saturday Morning drop-ins we’ll be teaching meditation from scratch and exploring the very practical Buddhist teachings on how to achieve more peace and contentment in our lives. The course will look at The Worldly Winds – those ups and downs which blow us off course in our lives and cause us to suffer. We’ll be looking at effective and practical ways to deal with loss, disapproval, blame and pain and exploring how to deal with the ending of those things which have given us pleasure and happiness. This course is aimed at people who are only just beginning to explore Buddhism but it is open to everyone – beginners and those with an established practice. No need to book, just turn up! There is no charge but we would appreciate a voluntary donation of £6 – £8 per session from those who are able to help in this way. The course will end with a Day Retreat on Saturday 26 May from 10.30 until 4.00 pm    ... Read more

New Buddha Figure and Shrine at Leeds Buddhist Centre

On Sunday afternoon, 17th December 2017, the Leeds sangha gathered together to unveil and dedicate our stunningly beautiful new shrine and Buddha figure in a moving day led by Uddyotani and Samanartha. Those present also placed their own commemorative writing and art in special boxes which were then sealed into the body of the Shrine itself. These boxes also included items from each of our Ordination training centres – Tiratanaloka and Padmaloka and items from our two main Ordination Centres in Spain – Guhyaloka and Akashavana. There was also a warm message from our founder Sangharakshita who congratulated Leeds on the beautiful new shrine and remarked that he saw it as marking a new and exciting phase in the development of the Leeds Buddhist Centre. We owe enormous thanks to Amritasukha who had the vision for this shrine and who created the new Buddha for us. Major thanks too to Jinaputra whose practical skills made the construction possible and to Samanartha for his hard work and dedication in building the shrine with Jinaputra. Thanks also to Giles for the images. This project began many months ago and is only the first, but most important stage, of a plan which will transform the whole area of the Shrine room at Leeds. May this new shrine inspire us greatly in our devotion to the Buddha, our practice of the Dharma and our friendship in the... Read more

newcomers’ classes in YORK

from Wednesday 15th November learning about meditation and buddhism Every Wednesday Evening –  at The Clementhorpe Room, Priory Street Centre, 15 Priory Street, York, YO1 6ET Starts at 7.00 p.m. Finishes 9.15 p.m. Our friendly new classes begin on Wednesday 15th November and up until the New Year we will be exploring and teaching two Buddhist meditation practices. In the Mindfulness of Breathing we will learn to focus on the breath and our bodies as an aid to relaxing and calming our busy minds. In the Metta Bhavana we will be learning how to cultivate loving-kindness and a friendly attitude to ourselves and other people. Both practices help us to develop as individuals and to engage with the world in a calmer and more accepting way. There will also be an opportunity to discuss aspects of Buddhism and to learn how practising the Buddha’s teaching can help us to live a happier and more fulfilled life in the modern world. The York Buddhist Group is part of the Leeds Buddhist Centre – a member of the Triratna Community and Order. We are a new tradition, drawing from different Buddhist traditions and presenting the Buddha’s teachings in a way that is more accessible to many of us in the west. This is a drop in event. No previous experience of  meditation is required. If you already meditate this is an opportunity to deepen and build a regular practice and connect with other people. You are welcome to attend whenever you can, for as many weeks or months as you like. You do not need to commit to every week although regular attendance would be beneficial. Cost: There is no charge; we provide these classes as a practice of generosity (dana). However... Read more

Newcomers’ classes start on Tuesday 17th January

an introduction to meditation and buddhism Every Tuesday Evening for 12 weeks from Tuesday 17th January Starts at 7.00 p.m. Finishes 9.15 p.m.   For the first four weeks we will be taking a look at, and becoming familiar with, our two main meditation practices. We will be exploring mindfulness through following the breath and looking at how to cultivate loving-kindness to ourselves and other people with a meditation practice called the Metta Bhavana This is a drop in event and no previous experience of Buddhist meditation is required. If you have already learnt to meditate this is also an opportunity to deepen and build a regular practice and connect with other people. Each evening will consist of a guided meditation and an introduction and exploration of the Buddha’s teachings and their relevance to our lives. You are welcome to attend whenever you can, for as many weeks or months as you like. This is a rolling programme so if you miss some weeks you will be able to catch up on what was covered at another time. over 12 weeks we will be exploring the following areas: Meditation and mindfulness Introducing our four main meditation practices. Mindfulness of the body and its senses, the Mindfulness of breathing, the cultivation of kindly awareness (metta) and just sitting. We will also explore mindfulness in our everyday lives. Buddhist practice in the world (ethics and action ) Exploring what we value and care about. How can we strengthen our connection with these values and express them in our lives and actions? The Buddha and his teachings ( Dharma) Who was the Buddha? What did he have to say and... Read more

Comfy New Furniture for the Centre – How you can help

It’s time to replace our tired old chairs and settee Our seating is very old, and uncomfortable as well as grubby. This appeal aims to replace it all with new furniture which will seat more people in greater comfort.  The aim is also to replace the chairs in the shrine room with lovely comfy ones. The centre doesn’t have any surplus funds, so we are appealing to all those who use the centre for gifts of money to cover the estimated cost of £2,500 PLEASE HELP!       DONATE HERE A gift of £60 will buy one of 20 new chairs for the shrine room and the seating area A gift of £95 will buy one of 5 new armchairs for the seating area A gift of £325 will buy one of 2 new settees for the seating area OR just give what you can – every donation... Read more