Comfy New Furniture for the Centre – How you can help

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It’s time to replace our tired old chairs and settee

Our seating is very old, and uncomfortable as well as grubby. This appeal aims to replace it all with new furniture which will seat more people in greater comfort.  The aim is also to replace the chairs in the shrine room with lovely comfy ones.

The centre doesn’t have any surplus funds, so we are appealing to all those who use the centre for gifts of money to cover the estimated cost of £2,500


A gift of £60 will buy one of 20 new chairs for the shrine room and the seating area
A gift of £95 will buy one of 5 new armchairs for the seating area
A gift of £325 will buy one of 2 new settees for the seating area
OR just give what you can – every donation counts