Meditation Stools available in our Bookshop

We’ve just taken delivery of a few sturdy, wooden meditation stools which are a real bargain at £15 each (much cheaper than you’ll find anywhere else). Supplies are limited though, so if you want one, please drop into the centre soon and get yours!

We also have a wide range of books about meditation and Buddhist practice. If you are new to us, we recommend the following:

  •  Wildmind: a step-by-step guide to meditation by Bodhipaksha – a lucid and comprehensive guide to all our main meditation practices
  • Life With Full Attention, a Practical Course in Mindfulness by Maitreyabandhu – an eight week course in Mindfulness with exercises.
  • Introducing Buddhism by Chris Pauling – a lively and engaging guide for Westerners who want to learn more about Buddhism as a path of spiritual growth.
  • Buddhism: Tools for Living Your Life by Vajragupta – the perfect Dharma guide for those seeking a meaningful spiritual path whilst leading busy, modern lives. Very comprehensive and accessible
  • Sailing the Worldly Winds – a Buddhist Way Through the Ups and Downs of Life by Vajragupta – a very readable little book dealing with our little (and large) cravings and aversions in life. All the things that ultimately make us unhappy.