The Mystery


The Mystery
is here.
Right this instant.
Wherever you are,
Whatever you are doing.
It is witnessing
Even the most ordinary things.
Peeling a potato,
Smelling the roses,
Cleaning the car,
Wondering what to cook for dinner.
Saying goodbye to a friend.

It is there watching
As you open a door,
Or touch a stranger’s heart
With the gift of a smile.

Every instant
Of what has been
Spins away behind.
Seconds, hours, days, years,
The whole of your life,
Lost forever.
Swallowed by the void.

But everything is as it should be
For, right here, right now,
The Mystery that you are,
And always have been,
Is ever present,
Silently witnessing
Each unfolding moment
Of your life.


Jenny Roberts