Transforming World ideas


Friendships and People important (not profit) so we are all truly connected



Reasonable Health


Green spaces/areas for nature

Smaller gap between rich and poor


Fair – including participation for vulnerable/disadvantaged groups

More selfless and co-operative

Where things are done for ‘good’ not just money, land etc.

The preciousness of human life is recognised as of infinite value over profit

A dilution of only acknowledging success based on material, financial, power gain and intellectual achievements

Emotional, communal, individual and creative achievements to be equally acknowledged

Children are educated in a life enhancing way, developing curiosity, empathy, joy, not being turned out as cogs in the system

Oceans full of seabirds

Solidarity – friendship


Enough food for us all, so that no-one goes hungry

Greener and simpler living for all equally

Resources used in a way that doesn’t cause harm to others, the planet and future generations

A world of children who can live without fear, with joy and freedom to play

A secure and safe place to live, free from threat…for everybody

A global reconnection (particularly in Westernised society) with the inevitable and very precious process of birth, life and death. Along with the wonders each stage can bring.



A vision of happiness that doesn’t depend on consuming and that gives back to the earth


Love for all life and this beautiful planet leading to less waste and veganism and respect and peace

Clean air, clean water

Less people (without catastrophe), more trees

Societies arranged to support interconnection, overcome loneliness

Should be truthful

Love and compassion, empathy towards each other

Searching for ‘Truth’ is culture

Truth = Religion

Better to be fenced out than fenced in


Women everywhere in the world are safe and respected


Free to live life with meaning, to have education, creative opportunities and spiritual practice

Freedom from greed, hatred and delusion


Experiencing greater equality of wealth and opportunity

Remaining in peace without conflict

Wild places, green spaces, forests. A world where we recognise our interconnectedness and share our responsibility for each other

Connected – emotionally, nutritionally, economically,

Empowered – decisions powered by empathy for others as well as self

Not quantified by GDP, economic growth, fiscal metrics etc.

Open demonstrations of true affection for your fellow man seen as a strength rather than a weakness

Giving time to each other


Respecting each other