Latest News - published in November 2015

Laugh Out Loud Wordplay

Mandy is gazing at Billboards Driving along in my van yesterday, I saw a poster advert that made me laugh out loud. It was Toyota’s ad for their new car, the Aygo. The ad has been around since last summer, but the message didn’t stand out to me until now, the week in... Read more

Pure escapism or just pure joy? 

Mandy Sutter reflects on the X-Factor I am secretly addicted to The X Factor. I say secretly because my partner, Tim, can’t stand the programme so I tend to watch it when he’s out. Usually I tell him I’ve watched it but sometimes I don’t (a woman has got to have SOME... Read more

Playfulness in the Shrine Room

Mandy Sutter reflects on yesterday’s playful Day Retreat It was great to see everyone who made it along to the first event of our Urban Retreat yesterday. For those who didn’t make it, we all agreed we’d take a little time out this week to be more playful. We... Read more