Newcomers’ Classes

An Introduction to Buddhism and Meditation

Sailing the Worldly Winds
Starts Saturday 25th January 2020, for eight weeks, until 14th March
From 10.30am to 1.00pm: doors open from 10am
At Leeds Buddhist Centre
Join us for an 8-week exploration of the Buddhist Path. It’s based on the book by Vajragupta, Sailing the Worldly Winds.
Life has its inevitable ups and downs. These can create hope or despair, longing or fear, craving or aversion…. but we can also experience more noble and creative responses to these: kindness, generosity and wisdom.

We can see these as ‘worldly winds’ that can blow our minds this way and that. We cannot avoid them, but we can learn to navigate them more effectively – we can set a path with a more even-minded attitude to life: a life with more engagement, interest, and concern.

In the course of the Saturday mornings we will see how to start this journey, through discussion, stories, talks and practice. We will learn to recognise the ‘worldly winds’ and how to navigate them. We will also introduce meditation, to calm our minds, to develop warmth in our dealings with ourselves and others, and to develop a more balanced mind.

The course is open to everybody, and no previous experience is needed. People with previous experience will also find it valuable. You can join on any week.
There is no need to book. Just come along! Do arrive at 10am for a cuppa before the class.
Each evening we will invite donations to enable the Buddhist Centre to continue to offer courses, meditation, study and retreats.
Led by Hridayavaca, Giles and Andy.
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Evening classes for regular meditators – Online

Friends Night Regular Practice Evening

Open to everyone who has learnt our two main meditation practices, this class offers a chance to meditate with others, receive ideas and share ways of deepening our understanding and practice of meditation and Buddhism.

This class is held on Thursdays 7 – 9.15pm, currently online. Please note: anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult