The Mystery

The Mystery is here. Now. Right this instant. Wherever you are, Whatever you are doing. It is witnessing Even the most ordinary things. Peeling a potato, Smelling the roses, Cleaning the car, Wondering what to cook for dinner. Saying goodbye to a friend. It is there watching As you open a door, Sneeze, Laugh, Or touch a stranger’s heart With the gift of a smile. Meanwhile, Every instant Of what has been Spins away behind. Seconds, hours, days, years, The whole of your life, Lost forever. Swallowed by the void. But everything is as it should be For, right here, right now, The Mystery that you are, And always have been, Is ever present, Silently witnessing Each unfolding moment Of your life.   Jenny... Read more

Seeing Through The Eyes Of Love 

All is love Love is all there is Nothing else is real It is why you are here It is who you are Therefore give yourself whole-heartedly to love Embrace it Wallow in it and you will never die For love is eternal It knows nothing of past, present or future It is not tense It is soft, warm and relaxed It sees no fault It seeks not to blame Fear is a stranger to love Lack is unknown Abundance is its view Forgive all that was not love It was never real anyway Do not carry the weight of history on your shoulders Who knows what will come to pass Only love. Kim... Read more

The Depths

Dead thing, hanging heavy in the water, like slime suspended in slime. Fond memories float around on the surface, looking for you where you cannot be found. I’ll remember you like this. I’ll toss you in the mind sometime. You can writhe around in my consciousness until we both realise – the only refuge in the depths is the depths themselves. Matt... Read more