Latest News - published in December 2017

Creative Writing

!! EXCITING NEW FOUR-WEEK COURSE !! CREATIVE WRITING Adventure in the imagination through the practice of writing. There will be a variety of activities and topics to inspire and stimulate your creativity. This course is open to everyone whether you have never written before or been writing for a while. There will be opportunities to share your work but it won’t be compulsory! All you need for this journey of discovery is the urge to set off, pen and paper or i-pad in hand. The course will run for 4 Saturdays: January 13th, 20th, 27th and February 3rd . The sessions will run from 10.30 to 12.45, with an option of a full day on February 3rd. At the end of the course we hope a group will continue once a month at times to... Read more

New Buddha Figure and Shrine at Leeds Buddhist Centre

On Sunday afternoon, 17th December 2017, the Leeds sangha gathered together to unveil and dedicate our stunningly beautiful new shrine and Buddha figure in a moving day led by Uddyotani and Samanartha. Those present also placed their own commemorative writing and art in special boxes which were then sealed into the body of the Shrine itself. These boxes also included items from each of our Ordination training centres – Tiratanaloka and Padmaloka and items from our two main Ordination Centres in Spain – Guhyaloka and Akashavana. There was also a warm message from our founder Sangharakshita who congratulated Leeds on the beautiful new shrine and remarked that he saw it as marking a new and exciting phase in the development of the Leeds Buddhist Centre. We owe enormous thanks to Amritasukha who had the vision for this shrine and who created the new Buddha for us. Major thanks too to Jinaputra whose practical skills made the construction possible and to Samanartha for his hard work and dedication in building the shrine with Jinaputra. Thanks also to Giles for the images. This project began many months ago and is only the first, but most important stage, of a plan which will transform the whole area of the Shrine room at Leeds. May this new shrine inspire us greatly in our devotion to the Buddha, our practice of the Dharma and our friendship in the... Read more

New shrine and Buddha Rupa Dedication Ceremony

Sunday 17th December  10.00am to 4.00pm Bring vegetarian/vegan food to share A day of practice and celebration centering around the unveiling and dedication of our new shrine and Buddha figure. Some of you may have noticed that a mysterious construction has begun to appear above the curtain that acts as a backdrop to our shrine. Earlier this year we commissioned Amritasukha to create a new Buddha Rupa for us, which has also involved the creation of a new and beautiful shrine. Although a small number of us have been involved in the project so far we would really love to have a sense that the whole community is part of this dedication and unveiling. So we are extending a warm invitation to all the sangha and friends to come to the unveiling and dedication ceremony on Sunday 17th December. The  morning from 10am – There will be a ritual and communal dissolving of the old shrine, followed by an opportunity to create offerings and  well wishing to the world which will be sealed into the new shrine in the afternoon. Shared lunch – please bring vegetarian/vegan food to share. The afternoon – will consist in the community revealing and dedicating the new shrine.  At which point our offerings and well wishing will be sealed in... Read more