Delight in the Music of the Dharma

This evening was a great success – Thank you for your support

The event raised more than £600, but more importantly, created by the generosity of Jules Marley, Billy Harrison and Prajnanartha, we shared an evening of richness and depth. Transported by the music to India, Mongolia, Jazz and ascended to the Ether! A big thank you for those that helped organise and the players! Sadhu!!

The Evening of Delight featured performances and compositions from the gifted musicians Jules Marley and Billy Harrison. With special guest Dharmacari Prajnanatha.

The first section offered by Billy Harrison, who’s currently studying music at Leeds University, a selection of solo piano pieces by Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel on the piano. Followed by Dharmacari Prajnanartha plays his own mantra based compositions on piano.

In the second part of the evening, Jules Marley and Billy Harrison played Musical Offerings to the Five Buddhas. This was the debut performance of newly composed and improvised pieces for classical guitar and cello based on the mantras of the 5 Buddhas.


The pieces drew inspiration from Buddhist art, Vessantara’s poetic evocations of the 5 Buddhas. The soundscapes were also inspired by North Indian Classical music, modal jazz, the traditional music of Mongolia, West Africa, Spain and Ireland. A real feast for the senses!


We’d like to thank Jules, Billy and Prajnanartha for their skills.