Following a successful “dress rehearsal” of a hybrid Sangha Night, we are going properly live on Friday 17th September. In person spaces for the 17th are now fully booked, but please sign up for the newsletter to receive a link if you would like to join us online or see here for instructions about how to book for in person spaces at future Fridays.

The 17th will largely be a ritual arrival into the space, the Meanwood Institute.  The first half (led by Nāgakuśala) will have a short introduction to the importance of meeting regularly with one’s spiritual friends, a dedication ceremony and a short sit.  The second half will be a seven fold Puja and an introduction to that (led by Hridayavaca). 

Covid-19 precautions for in person Sangha Nights

The amount of work that goes into setting up and running a hybrid Sangha Night is considerable – much more complicated than doing either one or the other – and a dedicated team of people is making it happen, so the tradition of generosity upon which Leeds Buddhist Centre rests continues to unfold in changing circumstances.  Nāgakuśala