Buddhism is about becoming happier, but it takes a radical approach to this: namely that happiness comes from inside. But more than this, we can change this inner dynamic to create more happiness – a deep richness that is reachable by anyone.

For this six week course designed for newcomers, we are offering an introduction to both Buddhism and Meditation. It is open to all (over 18). There is no charge for this course, though we will be asking if you’d like to give to the centre to provide future courses and activities.

The course is every Tuesday evening, from 7pm to 9.15pm. It commences on Tuesday 12th September, and ends on October 17th.

Booking is required: to do this email us on: enquiries@leedsbuddhistcentre.org

We look forward to seeing you there, Dh Sārahadaya and Dh Hridayavaca.