dhardo rimpoche

Remembering Dhardo Rimpoche

Rimpoche first spotted a yellow-robed Sangharakshita from a distance in 1949, exclaiming to his attendant ‘Look! The Dharma has gone as far as the West!’  On the façade of a school in northern India, two deer are depicted holding the Buddha’s Wheel of Truth. The motto of the school is ‘Cherish the Doctrine – Live United – Radiate Love’. This was the message of the school’s founder – Dhardo Rimpoche – who was born in Tibet in 1918 and recognised as the thirteenth incarnation of the Dhardo Tulku. He would later move to India and form a strong friendship with Sangharakshita. As the latter emphasised in 1991 during a talk to mark the first anniversary of Dhardo Rimpoche’s death, ‘Cherish the Doctrine – Live United – Radiate Love’ was not just something he said, it was something he lived by. The present month marks the twenty-third anniversary of Dhardo Rimpoche’s passing, time then to look back at the life of a unique individual and reflect on the ways he embodied his message. Cherishing the Doctrine From an early age, Dhardo Rimpoche devoted himself to studying and practising the Dharma. As a four-year old living at the Nam Chod Gompa monastery in Tibet, he would rise at four o’clock in the morning to memorise and recite lines of verse. Over the course of the next two decades, he acquired a detailed knowledge of the sutras, commentaries and classical texts of Indo-Tibetan Buddhism and was awarded a geshe degree (with distinction) in 1944. Further studies were cut short by illness in 1947 and Dhardo Rimpoche travelled to northern India seeking medical assistance. He... Read more