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Following the Buddha’s Footsteps – A Spiritual Journey in India

Thursday 3rd May 7.00 pm to 9.15 pm At Leeds Buddhist Centre In late January this year Shakyapada travelled to India and spent two weeks with other Order Members at Bodh Gaya – the place of the Buddha’s Enlightenment – and then another week travelling around all the significant places in the Buddha’s life – Lumbini where he was born, The Deer Park at Sarnath where he first taught, Kusingara where he reached his Parinirvana and many other familiar sounding locations. It was, she says, a transformative journey for her and many others, and on this Thursday evening she will talk about the experience and show some videos and images to give a flavour of the friendship, fun, joy and depth of practice that arose on her journey. All are... Read more

Day Retreat – The River of Awakening

Sunday 13th May, 10am to 4pm The Buddha often used rain, rivers and the ocean as similes for aspects of the spiritual life; just as a river flows naturally, so our practice can flow towards enlightenment. We will be using meditation, myth, study and ritual to explore this. We will be looking at the Upanissa Sutta (Samyutta Nikaya 12.23) and others. Bring vegan or vegetarian food to share. Doors open... Read more

Day Retreat with Punyamala

Discussion   Meditation    Ritual Exploring Faith in the Three Jewels Dharmacarini Punyamala has been ordained for more than 30 years and has practised the Dharma in the context of bringing up a family. She has recently taken on the role of a Public Preceptor supporting women who have asked for Ordination. She is currently based in Sheffield. Please bring veggie/vegan food to share NO NEED TO BOOK—JUST TURN UP ON THE DAY Cost: This is a dana day — Donations welcome — suggested amount £25 Date/Time Date(s) – 22/04/2018 10:00 am – 4:00... Read more

Introduction to Buddhism Course – 6 Saturday Mornings from 14th April

  On these Saturday Morning drop-ins we’ll be teaching meditation from scratch and exploring the very practical Buddhist teachings on how to achieve more peace and contentment in our lives. The course will look at The Worldly Winds – those ups and downs which blow us off course in our lives and cause us to suffer. We’ll be looking at effective and practical ways to deal with loss, disapproval, blame and pain and exploring how to deal with the ending of those things which have given us pleasure and happiness. This course is aimed at people who are only just beginning to explore Buddhism but it is open to everyone – beginners and those with an established practice. No need to book, just turn up! There is no charge but we would appreciate a voluntary donation of £6 – £8 per session from those who are able to help in this way. The course will end with a Day Retreat on Saturday 26 May from 10.30 until 4.00 pm    ... Read more

Women’s Day Retreat

Saturday 17th March 10am to 4pm Feeding the Fire of Transformation Open to all women with a regular meditation practice Please bring veggie/vegan food to share A day exploring our personal practice through meditation and study. We’ll be looking at, and reflecting on the Bhumija Sutta where the Buddha uses four similes to make his point about practice. He says that ineffective practice is like trying to light a fire with wet wood and can never really succeed, whereas appropriate effort inevitably leads to success. We’ll be exploring this teaching in relation to the conditions and challenges of our own day-to-day lives. Led by Shakyapada and Dharmasetu This is a dana event so there is no set charge and everyone is welcome regardless of any ability to pay. However a donation would be greatly appreciated and help keep all events open to everyone. Suggested donation is £25 but please give what you can (or nothing at... Read more

Friends’ Night

Thursdays 7pm – 9.15pm, 18 January to 22 February Six weeks exploring themes from the Alavaka sutta, where the Buddha meets the Demon Alavaka who is the owner of one of the most powerful weapons in the universe. Upon his weapon and coercion failing, Alavaka hopes to confound the Buddha with some tricky questions. Come and explore some of the Buddha’s profound answers. Week 1.  Shakyamuni meets the demon and battles with Alavaka.  An evening exploring the importance of not losing touch with our inspiration and values. Week 2.  Who sits on the throne?  The Buddha, Alavaka or the King?   How do we bring all of ourselves into the Dharma? Week 3.   Crossing the flood.  A question of sraddha (faith)?   If we don’t build conviction we set off in a leaky boat! Week 4.   Crossing the ocean of samsara.  The importance for mindfulness in our practice. Week 5.   How do we overcome suffering and stress?  Creating a harmonious mind. Exploring the hindrances and their antidotes. Week 6.  How are we purified? A puja invoking Vajrasattava. Who sees that we are fundamentally pure and have always been so.   Open to everyone who has learnt our two main meditation practices, this class offers a chance to meditate with others, receive ideas and share ways of deepening our understanding and practice of meditation and... Read more